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About Glacier

Glacier Network

Programmable Data Composability for Trustless Data Primitives

Glacier Network

What is Glacier​

Glacier is building a composable, modular and scalable L2 data network for large-scale Dapps,with the mission to empower decentralized apps (DApp) to build on decentralized databases (DDB). It provides programmable data composability solutions powered by L2-rollup to seamlessly and effortlessly handle datasets with NoSQL GlacierDB on top of Arweave, Filecoin, BNB Greenfield, and more.

What Problem does Glacier Solve​

  • Pseudo-Decentralization: Most Dapps still remain highly centralized by relying on large cloud database providers, which present significant drawbacks including lack of individual data ownership and without Web3-native method for granting access and fostering collaboration.

  • Lack of Scalability and Capacity: The pain points Glacier seeks to address is that the decentralized storages are designed primarily for maintaining data immutability but not ideal for requiring data with frequent updates on-chain. And the absence of built-in querying capabilities presents difficulties in efficiently retrieving the data.

  • Uninteroperability of Smart Contracts: Dapps of different blockchains are like isolated islands - no communication and interaction existing between them without a third-party database solution. User & developer experience is affected as this applies to all of their Dapp ecosystem.

How does Glacier Work​

  • Composable, modular & scalable NoSQL Structure The core of Glacier Network is a composable, modular and scalable NoSQL database—GlacierDB. It is built for resilience, immutability, interoperability, and the highest levels of data privacy and security in Web3.

  • Large-scale On-chain Adoption with L2 Rollup Glacier powers massive amounts of data in production and fully mines the on-chain data to provide better data services to users. Modularization and decentralization is secured by zk-rollup.

  • Built On the Top of Permanent Storage Glacier applies IPFS, Arweave and BNB Greenfield to store, share, and host datasets at scale to make the storage and query fully secure.

  • Mint & Build Your Own Datasets in One Minute With Glacier, developers can securely mint and build their own database in a permissionless way that enables Web3 devs to utilize data easily and effortlessly with ultra low cost.

Why Utilize Glacier​

  • Seamlessly & Effortlessly: Glacier offers a MongoDB-like interface powered by L2 Rollup, significantly reducing the entry barrier for developers.

  • Modular Design First: Glacier excels in compatibility. Our modular design caters to different requirements across multi-chains and multi-storage layers.

  • Support Interoperability: Glacier provides full interoperability to the Web3 data and make the Web3 data easily queried, transferred and interoperated.

What Value Added to Your Business​

  • Ultra Low Cost: Glacier can save 90% cost for Dapps developers utilizing our bundle and batch operations.

  • High Query Reliability: The decentralized storage is mainly designed for storing data, but not yet for accessing & querying data with frequent updates. Glacier can write and run any query to search the contents of all stored transactions, assets, metadata and blocks on the Glacier network.

  • Data Model Design: The Data structure of SocialFi, NFT, and GameFi is intricate, resulting in the significant generation of off-chain data. Glacier is dedicated to constructing Data Models and empowering applications in a fully decentralized way.

  • Modularity: Modular Design enables developers to seamlessly utilize their desired storage layer across multi-chains powered by L2 Rollup.