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About Glacier

Glacier Network

The First Data-centric Blockchain to Supercharge AI at Scale

Glacier Network

What is Glacier​

Glacier Network is building a programmable, modular and scalable blockchain infrastructure for storing, indexing and querying data, supercharging AI and DePIN.

Glacier empowers verifiable computing through GlacierAI, GlacierDB, and GlacierDA.

Glacier provided the data-centric network to handle datasets seamlessly and effortlessly with GlacierDB and GlacierAI on top of Arweave, Filecoin, and BNB Greenfield. Glacier also launched the GlacierDA to solve the demand for off-chain verification and computing of GenAI and DePIN executed states.

Glacier Network

What Problem does Glacier Solve​

  • Lack of Decentralized Vector Databases for AI: As more AI projects integrate with Web3, a significant pain point is the absence of decentralized vector databases. This gap hampers the efficient storage and retrieval of high-dimensional data critical for AI tasks, forcing projects to rely on centralized solutions that undermine the core principles of decentralization.

  • High Storage Cost and Lack of Built-in Querying Capabilities: As a database middleware on the top of storages, Glacier uses batch querying to reduce data access and storage costs. Combined with Bundlr, it can reduce costs by up to 90%. File storage networks are designed for immutable and unstructured data, but they’re not designed for storing data that needs to be updated frequently and the lack of built-in querying capabilities makes data retrieval difficult.

  • Uninteroperability of Smart Contracts and Public Chains: Dapps of different blockchains are like isolated islands due to multi-chain and multi-storage ecosystems. By leveraging modular design DDBs, DDB can unlock data composability, interoperability and ownership across different Dapps and protocols.

How does Glacier Work​

  • Composable, modular & scalable NoSQL Structure: The core of Glacier Network is a composable, modular and scalable NoSQL database—GlacierDB. It is built for resilience, immutability, interoperability, and the highest levels of data privacy and security in Web3.

  • Large-scale On-chain Adoption with L2 Rollup: Glacier powers massive amounts of data in production and fully mines the on-chain data to provide better data services to users. Modularization and decentralization is secured by zk-rollup.

  • Built On the Top of Permanent Storage: Glacier applies IPFS, Arweave and BNB Greenfield to store, share, and host datasets at scale to make the storage and query fully secure.

  • Mint & Build Your Own Datasets in One Minute: With Glacier, developers can securely mint and build their own database in a permissionless way that enables Web3 devs to utilize data easily and effortlessly with ultra low cost.

Why Utilize Glacier​

  • Seamlessly & Effortlessly: Glacier offers a MongoDB-like interface powered by L2 Rollup, significantly reducing the entry barrier for developers.

  • Modular Design First: Glacier excels in compatibility. Our modular design caters to different requirements across multi-chains and multi-storage layers.

  • Support Interoperability: Glacier provides full interoperability to the Web3 data and make the Web3 data easily queried, transferred and interoperated.

What Value Added to Your Business​

  • Ultra Low Cost: Glacier can save 90% cost for Dapps developers utilizing our bundle and batch operations.

  • High Query Reliability: The decentralized storage is mainly designed for storing data, but not yet for accessing & querying data with frequent updates. Glacier can write and run any query to search the contents of all stored transactions, assets, metadata and blocks on the Glacier network.

  • Data Model Design: The Data structure of SocialFi, NFT, and GameFi is intricate, resulting in the significant generation of off-chain data. Glacier is dedicated to constructing Data Models and empowering applications in a fully decentralized way.

  • Modularity: Modular Design enables developers to seamlessly utilize their desired storage layer across multi-chains powered by L2 Rollup.

Glacier Network